Twins - Matakana Sparkling Rose

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Each of our wines & vintages represents a unique theme that will never be repeated.

I cannot remember exactly the first time your soul whispered to mine, but I know you woke it.

And it has never slept since.

We’ve gone a bit crazy here and combined several winemaking techniques and vintages to create this little stunner of a Sparkler it’s 100% Matakana Cabernet franc- a 50/50 mix of tank aged whole bunch pressed which we diligently lees stirred and some 2023 early pick which was fermented clean and cool  So how does it taste? It. Is. Ecstasy.

On the nose, its is full of juicy watermelon, jasmine, and tropical fruit notes . As soon as it hits your tongue, your palette will tingle with the spritz of white currants and passionfruit while executing a slow and seductive dance between complexity , acidity and freshness. And then there’s the finish, crisp bright fruit lingering on the back of your palette. This wine is ready to seduce your summertime taste buds,  on the beach, on a picnic blanket laid out in the grass, we will leave the rest to you! 

As far as this label goes we can all agree there’s something magical about twins. In mythology, the birth of twins is due to divine influence, with the mother having been blessed by the supernatural during her pregnancy Twins are associated with special powers, often related to fertility and control over the weather - which we reckon are both very handy in the Vineyard! This label is a tribute to our founder Cynthia and her identical Twin Christina - Serious Twin Power!

Twins - Matakana Sparkling Rose
Twins - Matakana Sparkling Rose
Twins - Matakana Sparkling Rose
Twins - Matakana Sparkling Rose

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